Mass Communications Center hosts Alternative Media Panel

By. Alicia Brown

Lincoln University’s Mass Communication center for Excellence, held a panel discussion on Alternative media.

The event was held for students who are interested in a media career, but not the mainstream media.

The event featured guest such as; Beth McConnell, a media and Democracy coalition and Jarred Barringer, a Freelance photographer.

Mass communication professor Crittenden opened the event with a video that focused on youth empowerment.

The video was produced by students who dropped out of school and learned how to produce their own documentaries.

The panel wanted to enlighten the students of Lincoln, that working within the media does not only consist of the highlighted jobs such as; radio and T.V.

McConnell stated “Private prisons charges inmates five dollars a minute for phone calls while they work for a dollar a day.”

Activist, McConnell’s job in media and democracy coalition focuses on cases pertaining to issues like this one. Her job is to find justice for the people especially ones that people are unaware about.

“3.3 billion In political and spending projected for 2012” said McConnell.

The upcoming politicians use our air waves for free to promote themselves, McConnell believes that they should only use it for free if they are going to support the communities and help their needs.”

Photographer Barringer advised the students to make a list while transitioning in their journeys’ to success.

Barringer proceeded to share his art, highlighting the work he started with, leading into his present work that have made its way into newspapers.

“We all have a talent, even when some people say they don’t, even though it may take time to discover” said Barringer.

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