Mass Comm Students Sound off on Mass Comm Week 2017

Comm students at ABC6
Comm students at ABC6
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The week of March 20th through March 24th, the Mass Communication Department held its fourth annual Mass Communications week featuring a slew of guests speakers and workshops aimed and giving students an insight into the world of television, news, radio and entertainment. With an alumni panel, visit to iHeartRadio, and visits from some of the industry’s finest, some students submitted what their favorite part of the week’s events were and what they learned from it:

“One event that really stuck out to me personally was the alumni panel. The panel was made up of Lincoln alum, mainly between the ages of 23-25. That’s one thing that particularly drew me in and made this event a “Must Go” for me…They were all in a age group that a younger crowd…could reach and relate to more effectively, and easily then the average alum you would think of that would come back to talk to students. 

Each Member was able to give an insight the stage in life there are currently in and where they are trying to go. A student asked a question, ‘Are you happy with you current lives?’ One answer from one of the panelist that really [resonated with] me came from Nicole Webb. She stated, ‘I’m Happy but I’m Hungry,’ which pretty sums up most of the advice and message from the panelist. Keep pushing towards the goals you have set forward for self. Find something (Job, side hustle etc.) to make your money to pay your bills, but stay focused on the main goals.” -Kaden Bradley; Mass Comm Major

“My favorite event was with Mia Jackson and Ransom Rockwood. I loved this one because it was finally nice to meet them in person and not see them on a computer screen. It was interesting to see what other things they have done in a year’s time since that last time I had talked to them. All the ups and downs that they went through and having to change the way that they operated and proving people wrong that they could do things that they thought that they couldn’t [was inspiring to me.” -Marla Carter; Mass Comm Major

“Mass Communications week was by far the best part of my spring semester. One of the the highlights I took away from [it all] was to continue to build relationships with the people around you, which is similar to the trait of brotherhood. Brotherhood is by far [one] of the most important traits of being a Lincoln man because it truly shows and exemplify how one respects himself and others…My duty as a Lincoln man and as a brother is to hold my fellow Lincoln Lion accountable for their actions and goals, giving them the recognition that they deserve.” -Marquis Butler; Mass Comm Major

“Overall, Mass Comm week was a success. I was very skeptical about actually going because I felt like many of the guests wouldn’t capture my interests because their occupation was not related to what I exactly wanted to do with my career. But I had fun and learned a lot…more importantly, I networked and got the chance to help others and show them how I’m [building my own career. Alumni came up to drop knowledge and that really showed me why I love my HBCU.”-Christopher Gibson; Mass Comm Major

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