Marla Carter

I currently live in a small area called Southern Lancaster County, where ‘a slight drive’, to get to different places that surround the area, is never a short trip. Don’t get me wrong I love the area that I come from, but I love seeing all that the world has to offer and its vastly different ways of living in this crazy world.

I have had the fortunate experience to travel to different states within my country that has allowed me to see how life is in different areas, what makes them so unique from where I live, as well as learn about their history. I’ve been to High Point, North Carolina, a place that my family and I travel to see aunts and uncles. I’ve also been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a trip that started out as a little road trip for my sister, cousin, and I. We drove from Lancaster all the way to South Carolina in one shot to meet up with more family for the week-long vacation. I’ve visited Washington D.C. to see all the historical sites, every museum and many more things. I’ve also been to several different parts of New York such as Manhattan, Upstate, and even lived in Baldwin for four months. Florida is also on the list, where I went for a week-long talent contest when I was younger, and also for a couple mini family vacations to Disney World.

The one place that tops all of the destinations that I have been to so far is London. The trip there was a great opportunity that Girl Scouts had to offer me. I got to spend two and a half weeks in Europe where I saw the biggest tourist attractions like the Kensington Palace and so many more prodigious areas. A group of us got to spend three nights in the city. The rest of the week was spent in West Sussex, camping in a tent with thousands of other Girl and Boy Guides from around the world.

I am excited to be going on the trip to Jamaica to see everything I can learn from it; the culture, lifestyle, cuisine, and all of the amazing sites that it has to offer. I anticipate being able to document the time that we spend there and learning about its history, as well as doing what every person that travels does; have a great time and make great memories with people that are just as excited as I am to be there. Seeing that I am graduating in May, I am excited to be able to plan more trips to see different parts of the world, to keep documenting all of the places that I get to go and share my experiences.

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