Thursday, October 28

Luz De Los Santos

My first experience traveling was at the age of 8 when my mom decided it was time for me to move to the US Virgin Islands. My excitement was over the roof as I couldn’t wait to board the plane and set foot on what would be my new home. The beauty of the US Virgin Islands had me astonished. The beauty crystal waters were to die for and I just couldn’t believe this would be my new home. As years went by the beauty of the island was invaded in me which made me want to explore the beauty of my hometown the Dominican Republic. As I reached back home it was nonstop exploring for me. All this exploring made me extremely excited to be from the Dominican Republic. An island full of hidden gems. It always amazed me how traveling outside of my country made me want to experience my own home on a deeper level.  

            At the ending of sixth grade all the sixth graders went to a class trip to Orlando, Florida. This would be the first time that I travelled to a state, my excitement was unbearable. Traveling to Florida was an amazing experience. I remember thinking this state is literally huge. Everything seemed so big and colorful which now I understand it’s because Orlando is mainly a tourist attraction. The different water and adventure parks where the highlight of my childhood, something that would’ve never happened if I never travelled outside of the islands. Traveling to Florida open my young eyes to the beauty of the world and all its hidden gems. Traveling became one of my favorite things to do. I would get so excited to get on a plane and see the beauty and adventure that awaits me. My favorite place to travel up until this day would be St. Lucia. An island of so much natural beauty with the nicest people ever. It was a pleasure enjoying the foods and attractions in St. Lucia. This was one of those vacations that I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. St. Lucia was never broadcasted to me as a country of so much beauty. It was a shocker because the island is so beautiful, but that’s something that you never hear. It was eye opening how an island that is barely talked about was so beautiful, yet people didn’t know about this little treasure. 

            A place that I cannot wait to visit in couple years is Thailand. After doing one of my presentations on this country it’s a must for me to go visit. It looks like such a beautiful country to visit and be in touch with nature. For my twenty two birthday, I plan on traveling to Thailand for a total of seven days. Thailand would be my first time traveling outside of the Americas. It’s a trip that will definitely mean so much to me because of all the excursions I have planned. This class has definitely allowed me a chance to see the beauty of traveling beyond what’s close to us. 

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