LU Lions Suffer Through Baseball Season

By Devon Hall


The Lions have been under the radar by the students that attend Lincoln University. In the fall semester of 2013, the team was hype. Going into the season due to the players learning their position.

Unfortunately, the lions are having their worst season under coach Plá. Currently standing 2-26 and 2-16 in the central intercollegiate athletic association (CIAA).

Usually in a situation like this, when a program does poorly over a course of years, they either fire the coach or shut down the program itself. Coach PLA, who is currently in his sixth season with the team, feels like the team has talent and believes that he will be coaching next season.

“There’s no way I don’t see myself coaching here next season. When we have a program that is great like this and that it’s actually working it’s exciting,” said Coach PLA, Manager of Baseball team.

“If you would have told me that we would be 2-26 in the Fall, I would have told you that you’re crazy,” said Coach Plá.

While players begin to let their frustrations go, they remain focused on staying as a team.
Players spoke on their reactions to their disappointed season thus far.

Edwin Rivera, a sophomore Catcher for the Lions speaks on what he sees on the field versus what people see in statistics.

“The record doesn’t reflect on the talent we have as well as the preparation. Although the record is what it is, we still are moving in the right direction,” said Rivera.
When asked about Coach Plá, Rivera spoke highly of him as a person and coach.

“When Coach Plá came here the program was terrible. He changed the culture here and the fact that he can get 9 players on the field every game. Coach Plá is out there doing it all by himself with the exceptions of volunteers that help out to coach”.

Many universities baseball teams have more than 1 coach in the dugout, while Lincoln on has 1. Other universities as have multiple scholarships to give to their players, while the lions have 1 to give.

Players want to win, but the school doesn’t see it.

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