Tuesday, November 30

LU Fashion Trends

By Quinton Davis

On Lincoln University’s campus,  there are a several up and coming clothing lines that have been making an impact; Hand Written Culture, Father Stretch My Bands, Rare and Soigné Y-Pree are a few clothing lines known for their unique styles.

Soigné Y-Pree is a personal favorite; it has a unique name with a high-class fashion sense made for everyone.

Each item is a statement, recognizable as soon as a person steps into a room. It is loud but fashionable with a unique twist.

It’s that time of the year where students at Lincoln University display their fashion sense. The student body is composed of students from all over the world and each individual has a unique style that displays who they are. Some might like baggy clothes others may enjoy a clean and fresh look.

Major events, like Spring Fling and Homecoming, allow students the opportunity to express their fashion sense. From seven hundred dollar sneakers to ten-dollar shirts, there are many ways fashion is expressed.

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