By Veronica Carr

For The Lincolnian

“Black men are missing, and no one is asking questions, not even the government.”

This one line best sums up Eric Webb’s newest novel titled “The Garvey Protocol,” which Webb will discuss on 1Essence Radio at 7 o’clock tonight.

To listen show streamed live, go here.

The book is fiction but draws on real events, such as the Atlanta child murders and America’s War on Drugs. In his book, Webb poses the question of whether these events were a direct attack on the black community, specifically on black men.

On the radio show, Webb said he will discuss his writing career and his journey as a writer in the hopes of inspiring others. Webb hopes that by reading his book, readers will learn a valuable lesson.

“I hope that readers will become more critical of current events and public policy and not just accept it,” Webb said. “Everything may not be a conspiracy, but later things may not what what they first appeared to be.”

“The Garvey Protocol” has received great reception and was a finalist at the Harlem Book Festival for a Phyllis Wheatley Book Award for First Fiction, making it one of the best books by a new black author this year. Webb has posted videos on YouTube, elaborating upon some of the issues he discusses in his book.

The book is available on Amazon, at the Lincoln University campus bookstore and at

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