Lincolnian Artist Spotlight: eMeX

By Alston Johnson
Matthew Walker also known as eMeX (pronounced M-X) is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Baltimore, who attends Howard University.

With mind-blowing metaphors, catchy one liners and musical influences like Jay-Z, J Cole, Kanye West and Drake, his music is a breath of fresh of air to the music scene. He shared that his dream label to be signed to would be Roc Nation under rapper Jay-Z.

“I think I would say Roc Nation. Jay-Z has been my favorite rapper for some time now, so being signed under my mentor would be a blessing,” he said.

eMeX began rapping at a early age. His decision to begin rapping was based upon events that took place in his life that may have been hard to handle. Instead of lashing out he decided to put his thought and frustrations on paper and over a beat.

“I started rapping as a way to get away from my problems. Specifically at a time where sports were my life, when I got hit by a car, it put a halt to all my hopes of a future in that field. It’s always been an outlet for me, I’d rather put my thoughts on paper than to have my actions lead to something I may regret,” he said.

eMeX jump started his hip hop career with the release of his debut mixtape in February 2011 entitled “Honorable Discharge,” a collection of original music as well as remixes to popular songs such as Grenade by Bruno Mars and Rock Star by Rihanna.

The release of his mixtape caught the attention of his fellow colleagues at Howard as well as his followers on Twitter and he began creating a name for himself and received a lot of positive feedback. He says all the positive feedback he has received has humbled him.

“It’s crazy, because I released Honorable Discharge as a freshman and now I’m referred to as the best rapper on Howard’s campus, that’s humbling for me. It’s a great feeling. It’s all been the best feeling in the world,”  he said.

Currently eMeX has been in the studio working hard and readying the release of his first single from his follow up to “Honorable Discharge,” which is currently untitled. The single for his next project is due out in the next few weeks, and the sophomore mixtape will follow shortly after.

To his fans and growing audience eMeX wants to say thank you and he promises to make them all proud.

“To my fans, thank you. I’m not sure I can say it enough. I’m just glad you all have held me down thus far and needless to say, we’re just getting started. I promise I’m going to make ya’ll proud! “Bullet. Barrel. Bang… Purple Hearts Gang” I salute you! Much love!” eMeX- Close Your Eyes by alstonjohnson89

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  1. Great article loved the light that was shed on his personal life to tell people a little about his story, i just downloaded his mixtape its epic!


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