Tuesday, January 18

Lincoln students help at youth lock-in

Bryana Byrd

On Friday night, I was one of five students from The Lincoln University who volunteered at the Brightside Baptist Church fourth annual Youth Lock-in for about 110 youth between the ages of 13 to 18 in Lancaster, Pa.

The night was filled with food, fun, games, music and laughter. The kids got the opportunity to learn how to use high-tech equipment in the recording studio with a producer, danced, played basketball and dodgeball in the gymnasium, played video games, and much more.

Danielle Green, a Lincoln sophomore, said, “I had a blast dancing with the kids. Their energy is so lively, which boosted mine making me feel young again.”

Once the dodgeball game started, Lincoln senior London McAuley jumped on a team and was prepared for war.

“My favorite part of the night was playing dodgeball, McAuley said. “I got to have fun, be a kid again, and spend time with my friends.”

The Mass Communications students took pictures and video of the events for Bryant Byrd, who was one of the coordinators.

“I was thankful to have the Lincoln students helping out because even though they were there working, they got the opportunity to also be a part it,” Byrd said.

The youth also enjoyed the experience.

“The college kids were great teachers, said Ashley Reed, 13. My friends and I understood all of their instructions. They were great role models. I can’t wait to go to college one day.”

Lincoln student Melissa Quinones said, “It was a wonderful experience to be a part of; I thought the kids were going to be a lot to handle, but they were all well-mannered.”

Senior Dejour Young was fascinated by how well the youth picked up on the material they were given.

“These kids are very intelligent,” Young said. “I didn’t expect them to understand certain things as quickly as they did. They’re all fortunate to have Mr. Byrd and the youth leaders of Brightside church to provide this opportunity.”

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