Lincoln students help at Heart Walk

By Timothy Alston

The Lincolnian

Lincoln University students helped at last weekend’s annual Heart Walk in Philadelphia, an effort to raise awareness and money for the American Heart Association.

At the walk, people were encouraged to stop at the many stations where they could check their blood pressure, play trivia games about heart health and learn tricks to living a healthy life. Students volunteered at many of the stations.

According to the association, more than 2,150 Americans die from cardiovascular diseases each day, or one every 40 seconds.

The association challenges people to become more physically active. Exercise, as well as a healthy diet, can lower the risks of many heart issues like cardiac pulmonary disease, arrhythmia and heart attacks.

The American Heart Association also sponsors many scientific conferences to further the advancement of research on many of the diseases people struggle with. The association has spent more than $3.5 million on research since the late 1940’s, and currently sponsors more than 2,000 researchers.

One tip the association gave to starting to live a healthy life is by walking more often. Even the simplest of activities, like taking the steps instead of the elevator, can start to make a change in a person’s quest to living healthy. Spending more time outside is also another great way for people to stay active. Doing things around the yard, like mowing the grass, raking leaves and gardening all ways to get daily exercise.

The associations website also gives many more tips and ideas to keep physically active and help to maintain a healthy living.

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