Tuesday, January 18

Lincoln Honors Student Achievers

Asia A. Black

The Lincoln University celebrated and acknowledged over 150 leaders within the Lincoln community at the Student Recognition Awards Convocation.

This convocation took place on March 20 at 11 a.m. in the international cultural center’s auditorium.

Students who were honored included student athletes, student leaders, endowed scholarship winners, resident advisors, students scholars and dean’s award winners.

In order to be eligible for a dean’s award the student recipient had to be a graduating senior, and hold one of the five highest grade point averages in his or her respective college.

The ceremony opened with an academic processional, a welcome to students, family, friends, professors, and others by The Lincoln University’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Denise E. Wilbur, and a invocation by the university’s chaplin, Reverend Faison.

After the opening, Carl F. Walton, vice rresident for student affairs, was called to the stage to talk about the occasion for the afternoon. He stresses the importance of giving back to the students by honoring them.

“Continue to represent Lincoln University in the way we know it’s supposed to be represented, Lincoln produces world changers,” said Walton .

Although The Lincoln University prides itself on being the first, he also stressed to the crowd that we shouldn’t allow its slogan “being the first matters” to become a colloquialism. He ended his occasion speech by challenging the crowd to “continue to reach higher.”

The Lincoln University concert choir then took the stage under the direction of Edryn J. Coleman, with a piece called “Ain-a That Good News”. The choir received many nods of reassurance from the crowd as well as a standing ovation.

Following selections from by the Lincoln University Concert Choir,  and a presentation from Mr. and Miss Lincoln, some students were called to walk across stage and receive their award certificates, while others were asked to stand up and be recognized.

The ceremony was coming to a close as President Robert Jennings rose to the podium to deliver a personal congratulations speech in reflection of student accolades.

“You are the Thurgoods, Nkrumahs, and the Fishburns! We are so proud today to have had this opportunity to be able to recognize the accomplishments that you have made and will continue to make. I am so pleased to say congratulations,” said President Jennings.

The concert choir came on stage one last time to help guide everyone in singing the alma mater.

After the ceremony light refreshments were served, and the students were able to pick up their certificates.


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