Tuesday, November 30

Lincoln fans look toward basketball season

By Timothy Alston

The Lincolnian



With football season coming to an end and basketball season picking up, there is a shift in energy on Lincoln University’s campus and a shift in the fans filling the stands.

Why do people seem to like winter sports more than fall sports here at Lincoln?

One factor may be the weather. Even though football season comes before basketball, the games are outside so fans have to endure the cold. That keeps many students away from football.

I personally don’t like cold weather, said senior Cheyenne Simone. But I do love football, so I can tolerate for the time. 

Basketball is played in the main gym, so students don’t have to worry about the weather.

Another factor affecting popularity is the games themselves.

“I only go to the basketball games because they are more exciting,” said junior Brianna Hayes. “I can see the emotion on the players’ faces, which I can’t see during football.”

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams are off to a good start, having won their opening games. That kind of success also draws more students.

“I never go to football games because they barely win,” said sophomore Christopher Coffie. “But the basketball games are more exciting. Even if they lose, it was still a good game to watch.”

For complete sports schedules, visit Lincoln Athletics.

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