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A Foreign White Guy at a HBCU

  By Federico Ghelli and Lakenya Burke-Ray Here’s my four-year account being a minority, among drama (a lot), fraternities (and sororities) shenanigans, and countless wild tales...

Words of Encouragement from a Lincoln Alumn

  By Derwayne Henry and LaKenya Burke-Ray Hello world! My name is DerWayne Henry. I am a recent graduate at The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania where I...

A Turnt Up Turn Out

Kendall Gilbert Recently I hosted my first event by myself as Mr. Lincoln called "Good Fits." The premise of the event was to show freshman...

It’s Coronation Season!

By Kendall Gilbert It is homecoming season for many colleges and universities. As a result, of that most weeks start off with a wondrous event...

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