Wednesday, October 27

Let’s Reflect: Mass Comm Week 2017

By: Marquis Butler

Mass Communications week was by far the best part of my spring semester. The highlight of the week was the panel that took place on Monday. Multiple alumni came back to Lincoln and gave their experience of their real life view post Lincoln hosted by Nicole Webb.

I was very inspired by people like Kofi and Kiara Jackson who are in the entertainment field in which I would like to get into. As many people in my life know I want to be an Actor and getting the advice of how their journey is going in the real world has shown me that I am following the right foot steps and action plans.

Moving forward I would love to come back and speak of my view to the rest of the current students at Lincoln. Another thing I took from the panel is building relationships with the people around you, which is similar to the trait of brotherhood. Brotherhood is one by far the most important thing of being a Lincoln man because it truly shows and exemplify how one respects him and others. Being a brother is more than just a word and it does not mean you have to blood related to be someone’s brother either. My duty as a Lincoln man as a brother is to hold my fellow Lincoln lion accountable of their actions and goals giving them the recognition that they deserve.

I believe in showing support in my fellow Lincoln lion events on and off campus. As a brother I show my support in a way that is obvious to them, so that they are aware that I’m are cheering them on and be able to feel my encouragement. I love helping the ones I care about in making decisions not by nagging them about what they have done wrong, but by setting a good example and steering them in the right direction. I continue to show that I care about them, and that I want to help them solve the problems they are encountering in their life. So far this department has given the skills of Rhetoric is the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. I have built many connections and relationships throughout the years because the help of my effective persuasive speaking and writing skills which led me to choose Mass Communications as my major once attending Lincoln.

Through these techniques I have learned to formally address people with respect here at the Lincoln University with my various forms of speech in which I can uphold extensive intellectual conversations especially when it comes to voicing my concerns for the university or a class I am attending. My writing skills have reflected through program proposals for the campus, filling out scholarships, applying for internships, and writing scripts for the campus news show in which I am the producer of these talents makes me a compatible man for the university.

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