Lessons the Championships Taught Us


Mar’Quell Fripp

The outcome of three out of the four major American professional sports championships showed the nation the importance of being patient through life endeavors.

Patience is a virtue that very few have. Numerous teams this year have shown us that even professionals have a hard time practicing patience during their careers while working towards their personal and professional goals.

LeBron James and the city of Cleveland showed the hardships of balancing patience and actively striving for your goals in their devastating loss at their first championship appearance in 2007. The 2015 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors marked the final year of a 62 year championship drought for the city of Cleveland. The Cleveland Cavaliers would come back the next season to beat the same Warriors team in the 2016 NBA Finals.

Patience is the biggest step of team building. It will be growing pains for every franchise on the road attempting to deliver their city the championships and not every rebuild will go as planned. You will either become the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia 76ers during the the process developing a team. The most difficult part about it is no one knows exactly how long this “process” will take just ask the Chicago Cubs , who just recently broke what was the longest reigning drought in sports history by winning the World Series after 108 years of waiting. During the Cubs championship skid some wondered if the Cubs might ever win another championship or will their curse prevail. If both the Cavaliers’ and the Cubs’ victories taught us anything, it’s that it won’t be easy.

As a member of Lincoln University’s baseball team, senior Michael Howard gave insight on his take of the recent success of the Cavaliers and the Cubs. Howard said, “It’s all about trusting the process, there’s going to be bad days… good and bad days, but you’ve got to trust the process and believe in the family.” Trusting and enduring the process isn’t easy, like Cleveland and Chicago have shown us in the past years, but success is the only result of dedication and persistence.

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