Kinoia Fredericksen


My name is Kinoia Fredericksen and I am a current junior at Lincoln University double majoring in Strategic Mass Communications and Political Science. I was gracious enough this year to be a part of a study abroad program that will allow me and several classmates to immerse in Jamaican life and culture. I have spent my entire life in the St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands where I was able to be exposed to travel at an early age. This fueled my dreams of traveling to European countries such as Germany, Denmark, and Greece. Ever since I had the ability to board an airplane I have been able to leave my island and explore other states and Caribbean islands. As a child, I would often take family vacations to Orlando, FL or Tampa, FL where I was able to experience water parks and amusement parks; attractions such as these do not exist in the U.S. Virgin Islands. During my adolescent years I was fortunate enough to attend class trips that were held for the graduating classes of my middle school and high school. Both of these trips were weeklong cruises where I visited St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Barbados, St. Maarten, Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico. I also participated in excursions such as ATV tours and jet skiing, visiting sulfur baths and Mayan ruins, and I was exposed to animals such as monkeys and snakes. This exposed me to parts of island life that I was unfamiliar with in my home and I have since been interested in traveling to other islands such as the nearby British Virgin Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. One of my most memorable trips was a college tour in 2014. This experience was warming and new because this is when I began my journey to finding an institution for higher education. I, along with several other students and chaperones, conducted a road trip that took us through Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina. Experiencing the variety of institutions and customs personal to each state has left me eager to travel to states on the West Coast, like Arizona and California, to see how they would contrast with states that I have spent time in such as Delaware, Maryland, and New York. Now we fast forward a few years and I am preparing to attend a study abroad trip in Jamaica. This is an exciting experience because through this program I will be able to spend an extensive amount of time immersing myself into Jamaican culture and I will have the opportunity to research and examine a culture that is similar to mine but still unique in its own way. From this trip, I hope to gain a greater insight on Jamaica’s economy, in addition to developing a stronger handle on the concept of Travel Journalism for my future endeavors.

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