Wednesday, October 27

Kayla Tisdale

Hello, My name is Kayla Tisdale and I am a sophomore attending the illustrious Lincoln University. I am currently enrolled in a seminar on Tourism and Intercultural Communication which has taught me so much about the basics of communication, how other cultures communicate (and how that may differ from what I’m used to seeing), how to travel safely to a country while on a budget, and how to respect someone else’s home country and how things are done there.  

Honestly, when I think of traveling around the world or across the country it makes me extremely nervous. Considering I’ve only been to states within driving distance of Virginia, I wouldn’t classify myself as a world traveler but I do enjoy seeing how people are in different communities and sceneries. So far, I’ve been to Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. Even so long car rides, packing and coordinating a trip were not something I looked forward to. However, having taken a Tourism and Intercultural Communication class here at Lincoln, I am more open to travel and broadening my horizons.  

During this semester, I have learned most of the ins and outs of traveling the world. While learning how to plan and prepare for a trip I have discovered that it can be something enjoyable and not all stressful and frenzied. I feel more secure in what to do and have even set my sights on some dream destinations. My goal is to travel to Greece, Italy, Thailand and Jamaica all before thirty. These places have extremely different cultural norms and histories and that is what makes them all so attractive to me. Having learned several things in class on how to respect these cultures and make myself a more welcomed tourist, I feel a lot more comfortable traveling now than I had felt in the past. Aside from the breathtaking views each country has, I am also motivated to travel so that I can become more culturally well rounded. I think that is an extremely valuable quality to have because of how it allows you to interact with other cultures and different types of people.  

I also chose those destinations because of the food each has to offer. These are just some of my dream culinary destinations. Trying an authentic Greek Gyro, handmade pasta, pad thai, and jerk chicken on the beach in Jamaica are all things I would love to experience by thirty, perhaps I could even make a birthday of a birthday trip or two. Who wouldn’t love to eat good food while taking in an amazing view in any of these countries?  

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