Thursday, October 28

Kashmere Hunter

Some of the places I have traveled domestically are North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and California. The reasons for these trips have been diverse: for learning purposes such as my high school Civil Rights trip that took us to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Martin L. King Center, his childhood home and his and his wife Coretta King memorial. We also went to Birmingham, Alabama to visit the 16th Street Baptist Church and the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Then we traveled to Tuskegee Airmen Center and Tuskegee University to see Booker T. Washington house and burial site. The second year I went, they added Tennessee to the places to visit. Other trips that I took during my high school years include: North Carolina and Virginia, where we visited Virginia Union, Virginia Commonwealth, Duke, North Carolina, A&T and many other universities. During my sophomore college year I took a tour to New York, Connecticut, Columbia, Marymount Manhattan among other schools.  

Some of the other places I have listed above were for family trips such as North Carolina, which I go often for family reunions. I usually go to Virginia to visit other family members and West Virginia, Kentucky, and Florida to visit my father when I can. I have also been to Florida recently for vacation purposes and we stayed in Orlando.  

When it comes to international traveling, I’ve been to Paraguay. In 2014 I took a trip there with a program called LearnServe that was recommended by my high school Spanish teacher. We stayed in the country for 2 weeks. During the first week, we were assigned host families to live with and during the day we would be picked up and transported to the gathering site for development activities to improve the local school and community. While staying with the host family it gave me the opportunity to practice my Spanish as well as teach them some English. We also had to eat what the family gave us but we could not drink their water so the program gave us water canteens to fill up before we went back to our host homes. Thus water canteens were used for drinking, washing our hands and brushing our teeth. There I also learned that countries’ water system is different from the US because we were told not to put toilet tissue in the toilet. The second week there, the group stayed in a hostel. During that week we traveled everyday to a community center to help with lunch and after that, we took care of the local children. We also sorted donated items such as clothes, shoes, food, and toiletries. Sometimes some of us would seek to the nursery in the back of the center to play with the infants there. 

On days where we had allocated free time, we went to the mall, art museum and played ping-pong in the hostel reception area. Below there is a photo of me (far left) with the host family I stayed with along with a Peace Corps volunteer (yellow jacket) that also stayed with the family and another student that was part of the LearnServe program with me (far right).  

A place I would like to travel to is Bali because I recently watched a travel vlog by youtubers, In the video it seemed like a very interesting place to go. They went sightseeing on the mountains and enjoyed such beautiful views, plus they tried food that looked appetizing. In intercultural communication and tourism thus far I have learned that it is necessary to do as much research as possible on international places you want to travel to. You mush also take into account the safety aspect and advisory levels for certain locations. 

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