ISPIT marks new life with show tonight

By London McAuley

The Lincolnian


Like all good poetry, the name of tonight’s ISPIT performance—“The Reconstruction”—has a deeper meaning.

“It’s a reconstruction of the organization because it’s a new year, and we have a lot of new members with new things to say, a lot more to say, and they are changing the voice of ISPIT,” said junior Nicole Webb, the poetry group’s treasurer.

The event is scheduled for 7 p.m. in the Ware Center. Admission is $2.

ISPIT usually hosts an event called Verbal Riot but was unable to do so this year due to time constraints.

Tonight’s event is also a chance to show what the organization is about and give people around campus a chance to “spit” their poetry.

Webb said the group’s newest members are bringing new life to ISPIT.

They’re something fresh, said Webb, a mass communications major. “They’re loud, they’re smooth, they’re unapologetic. They’re about to show this campus what poets really do every year.”

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