Tuesday, November 30

Is Luke Cage Too Black for America?

By Taylor Murphy


With an all African American leading cast in a predominantly black neighborhood with various references of famous black activists, Netflix’s Luke Cage is unapologetically Black and White Americans are feeling uncomfortable.

“Marvels Luke Cage” Premiered Sept. 30, the show is set in the boroughs of New York City’s Manhattan, a historically black community. Therefore, depicting a mixed cast of brown and black people for the show is realistic not racist. Marvel’s latest show is becoming the blackest show, from its soundtrack to the dialogue, Luke Cage has raised many concerns about diversity among White viewers. White people that have racist views reared their ugly heads to show how they really feel:





Marvel’s Luke Cage is a hero to the #BLM movement to show why we should care and appreciate black culture; having tremendous strength, bulletproof skin and a heart for justice. There is no way to stop him, sit back and enjoy the show.

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