By Onika Palmer

Drake’s “More Life” has gotten mixed reviews, fans and critics believe it didn’t speak to their soul, is this the begging of the end to the Drake era of music?

Since its release the “More Life”  album has been held on a pedestal, some say if the album wasn’t Drakes it wouldn’t be receiving the praises from the internet reviews

Kelvin Osaghae, business major at Lincoln Univerisity, said that Drake’s album “is good, but if Drake was not as popular the album would not hold any weight in the industry.”

The album to some listeners is mediocre at best.  For others, the album is great and reaches a mass audience.  Those that support traditional hip hop, don’t relate to Drake’s transformative album turned playlist.

“There is a fusion that many feel put them to sleep,” says Imer Bradley, mass communication major at Lincoln University, “the album is not interesting at all, in fact he couldn’t wait for Rick Ross’s album to drop.”Is Drake’s “More Life”, More Than Life?

“Drake’s style has changed over time, and not in a good way, his delivery has become more aggressive,” says Sarye Huggins, sophomore at Lincoln university.

Something that many of his more feminine audience is averse to, his gentle delivery works for him in ballads like, “Hate Sleeping Alone” or “Trust Issues” and “Fireworks”.

“Due to corporate influence he has become a generic artist and doesn’t relate nor appreciate “More Life” like the internet raves” says Huggins.

There have been mixed reviews on Drake’s More Life album, which made its Debut on OVO Sounds Radio, breaking another streaming record on Apple ITunes with more than 80 million streams.

The album ‘More Life’ was released on OVO Sounds radio Mar. 18, this album fulfilled Drake’s five-year deal with Cash Money Records.

Drake has chosen to produce material that has created a new lane for British artist in America, with that it fluctuates with a modern 90’s disco to a grunge of trap.

Drake expresses that he is no longer creating mixtapes and wants to share his “playlist” with fans.

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