Tuesday, November 30

Is Beyoncé Just Recently Pro- Black, or Have We Just Not Been Paying Attention?


By: Danielle Groomes

Beyoncé channels an African goddess in her 2017 Grammy performance, but is this her first time using her platform to show she is a proud black woman?

During Beyoncé 2017 Grammy performance the world not only witnessed a great performance, but black woman embracing her culture.

Beyoncé’s costume during her Grammy performance was a look inspired by a religious icon, Oshun.

She channeled Oshun by wearing the color yellow, a color associated with the goddess and a ornate gold headdress that compared to the halo that the black Madonna wore.

Oshun is a West African Goddess of beauty, love, prosperity, order and fertility. Oshun was brought to the Americas, along with various other African traditions, by enslaved Africans. This spiritual figure is still present in various religions throughout the black diaspora.

In the Brazilian, many practice a religion referred to as Candomblé, which retains various elements of Yorùbá traditions and religions, similar elements of worships can be found in Cuban Santeriá,

In Haitian Vodou, Oshun is the inspiration for Erzulie or Ezili, a similar Deity of water and love.

While looking amazing in her gold headdress, we noticed that this pro-black element is prominent in many of Beyoncé’s performances.

She always used her platform to showcase her appreciation for women, culture and other icons in the industry.

Beyoncé recently has been showing that she is a proud African American woman.

At super bowl 2016, Beyoncé performed her song “Formation” which caused a lot of criticism for her Black Panther theme wardrobe.

Her performance was a showcase of black beauty and power and even though she is a celebrity she is what many call today “woke” on issues within the black community.

In Beyoncé’s song “Run The World”, her goal was to uplift women and show that women’s appreciation is needed.

During a performance in 2006, Beyoncé wore a banana skirt to pay her respects to Josephine Baker.

Beyoncé, wife of Jay Z , has not only been showing she cares about her people through music but also by supporting the Obama campaign, and donations to the Flint water crisis.

Beyoncé isn’t new to a pro-black lifestyle, but more so true to her values.

Her platform is used for greatness and awareness; we just have to look deeper into things to realize its greatness.

People look at Beyoncé as a neutral person when it comes to politics and culture, but is this actually valid?

For many years Beyoncé has been an icon to people of all cultures and races. What we have failed to realize is that Beyoncé has always embraced black culture in her performances and music videos.

Queen Bey is unapologetically black.

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