iPhone 8 Creates Cabin Fever

By Onika Palmer

Apple’s  iPhone 8 creates a stir crazy reaction amongst the nation, a phone that will be more than $1,000 has everyone pressed!

The phone, although has not been released yet, is already in high demand. Apple leaked multiple design styles, which shows the basic iPhone design but with more features.  The iPhone 8 will be called, the iPhone 8 edition.  The phone is rumored to have no home button along with a 100% glass body, this phone is complete luxury.

Apple has maintained its legacy for years, to mark the 10-year anniversary they are releasing a new luxury phone. The cell phone will become more secure and durable, this phone is innovative, with original designs not seen in prior iPhone devices.

The iPhone 8 is going to potentially be released in 2018, which causes much anxiety among Apple users. Purchases of the iPhone 7 has dropped drastically as the rumors of the iPhone 8 continue to circulate.

This phone has been set to an extremely high bar above the standard qualities of an iPhone, hopefully it can live up to the hype.

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