By: Alexandra E. Rainey

The Lincoln University has created a movement called the “Students First Campaign.”

“The Student’s First Campaign” was set in place to create funds for The Lincoln University to be able to provide prospective and current students with endowed scholarships, whether it be merit based or based on financial need of the students.

The campaign was established to help any Lincoln lion or prospective Lincoln lion continue or began advancing their legacy at this institution. The goal is to make over $10 million dollars in proceeds so that scholarship money can be granted to various students in the next academic years.

President Robert R. Jennings came up with the idea. In mid- December, he introduced his idea to the Board of Trustees and the Lincoln University family. Both parties liked the idea and decided to begin the campaign right away.

“The Students First Campaign is by far the most important endeavor that we are engaged in at the moment, it will help us to not only thrive but to survive as well,” said Jennings.

This campaign is necessary because about 96% of the students here at the university are in need of financial assistance. Therefore, this campaign would help bring that percentage down and help those students in need.
Jennings, the recently announced campaign manager Mr. Kevan Turman, and alumnus Bill Cosby, are now asking that everyone be a part of this great university movement.

Cosby, a good friend of Jennings, was awarded an honorary degree back in May at the class of 2012’s graduation commencement ceremony.

Cosby wrote a letter to all The Lincoln University alumni asking that they donate any amount that they had to contribute the scholarship funds.

In the letter it states that we are a family, and that by donating to this cause allows another Lincoln University lion to advance their own legacy. There was a goal given for alumni to meet created by Turman and Jennings.
The goal was that the alumni as a whole donate a total amount of $1.2 million dollars. Since the goal amount was announced, alumni have contributed 8% of their goal, which is equal to about $89,310,000 so far.

In a recent interview with Turman, it was asked how Lincoln students could get involved. “Lincoln students can get involved by each campus organization hosting an event that promotes the Students First campaign, and whatever proceeds from the event the organization is asked to donate its proceeds to the campaign fund” said Turman. Also students can send in their own individual contributions for the campaign no matter the amount.

“Students can contribute an amount even if it’s just a dollar it’s the just about sending the message that everybody is seeking to assist us in meeting our goal” said Jennings.

There are also phone-a-thons in the Alumni Office that students can volunteer with every evening. If you are a student and want to volunteer with the phone-a-thons contact the Alumni Relations office or Ms. Rita Dibble, Director of Alumni Relations, at this number (484) 365-8131.

There are events that are coming up to help bring in more initiative for the campaign that anyone can attend. The grand opening of the Danjuma Museum is set to open sometime this month.
The fundraiser that Cosby himself has put together to help bring in contributions will commence sometime in the summer months.

To get more information about the campaign you can follow The Lincoln University’s Facebook page and click on the “Students First Campaign” tab or you can contact Turman directly at (484) 365-7479, or email him at

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