Tuesday, November 30

Insecure the Voice for Black Girls?


Onika Palmer

American actress, writer, director, producer and web series creator, Issa Rae has created a vision for black women around America to resonate with on an emotional, mental, and physical level. Based upon her web series The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, her YouTube show was highly rated and very popular among college students. Issa Rae’s pilot for her new show Insecure is based on her original story line, but with much more controversy. From her raw uncut episode titles to her unusual relationship stories, her new TV series has sparked a larger audience since HBO has picked up the show. If HBO believes in the Insecure movement, then the modern black culture can reach a new audience that could never have been reached by YouTube. “Insecure is part of a cultural Renaissance” says Issa Rae to the Columbus Dispatch. On September 23, the Insecure television series debuted for a two-week sneak peak premiere on HBO. The critically acclaimed TV series has since impacted the black culture. Young women all over America can’t stop vegging on the episodes every Sunday night. It’s safe to say Issa Rae created a moment in history where black women have learned to embrace their insecurities.

But does the show reflect black women on a whole?

Some would beg to differ, as a student at The Lincoln University, Tiana Foster, stated that the TV series is a “great reflection of what an insecure woman goes through on a regular basis, the characters are financially successful, but they are failing in their love life, people will relate and some won’t.” Issa Rae’s dramatic portrayal of what young women in today’s society go through can be a harsh reality for some, but for others it maybe the only reality they can relate to, thus giving these young women a mirror to become better individuals. Summer Angel, a film producer in Philadelphia, said “Blacks today who view TV series like these are only judging them based upon their own perception which includes their background and experience, they will or will not relate if it benefits them in the long run.”.

It is said that you are what you eat, can the saying be true for you are what you watch? For young black women, Insecure gives them a reflection and comfort that anyone can be awkward, but it is about what you do with these issues that will define your character.

Insecure is defined as someone who is not confident or having uncertainty. Having given black girls a voice, Issa Rae accomplished her goal by exposing herself within the series, as a strong black woman despite the TV series title. We get to see what real black women experience in real life situations. Creator Issa Rae portrays herself, as well as African Americans, as strong and intelligent, all while experiencing awkward moments just as any ethnic group can agree upon. Her show sheds light on these relevant insecurities but no matter what the character portrayals in the black community, they are shown to be determined and willing to be amazing despite insecure circumstances.

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