Imani Jarmon

During my whole life experience I never went on airplanes and went really far. However, I went to Manhattan New York to go shopping and go see Lion King abroad. Manhattan New York was a beautiful site to see, it was a lot of people there walking around and the parking was terrible. We weren’t able to drive cars, but only catch the subway. Everywhere I turned around it was clothing stores, and sneaker stores. I felt so small being in Manhattan New York especially because, I am from Chester Pennsylvania. I am not use to over crowded places, it was so busy I believe it’s easy for you to become kidnapped. Also, I went to go see Lion King abroad and it was so much better than the actual movie itself. I wouldn’t mind going back to New York visiting again. I really want to move to New York and I think by being there I definitely would like to move there now.

I always go to Delaware every now and then because of how they do not have taxes. It’s really nice to go somewhere and not pay extra if you don’t want to. Delaware is a nice place to live at also. It’s not somewhere I would recommend to go to for a vacation but they have beautiful houses, and nice areas everywhere around. Another place, I been to was West Virginia because I have family reunions there and it’s more nature around for us to spend time with our family. I adored being in Virginia because, it made me like nature more and value the trees and the leaves. Virginia was really southern to me and that’s when I began to adore seafood which I didn’t know I really liked to much until I left there. The smell of barbeque ribs, mac and cheese, fried fish, cabbage, and so on made me gain a lot of weight but I didn’t care I enjoyed myself.  I also, went to Bush Gardens in Virginia to have fun and learn a little bit about my history. It was so descent and I learned hands on what slaves had to do. I actually was very grateful to experience a place as beautiful as Bush Gardens. I had to be about 12 and I didn’t really know to much about my ancient history until I left there. They guided us to the kitchen where the light skin slaves had to do household work. Also, the dark skin females had to pick cotton and work out in the yard. It gave me a great experience to know what it was like back then and taught me and my younger sibling so much more than we thought we knew.

Lastly, me and my family went to North Carolina. We went there to visit some family members but everything was so expensive there. I remember the hotels food being extremely good and seeing animals walk around the hotel. That was the first time I ever seen ducklings walk with their mother. I liked the nature and environment there also and the people was so friendly. I notice they had heavy deep ascents and it was quite funny to me.

I never went to Jamaica before but I have friends who is from Kingston Jamaica and they said it’s so much different than being in America. I don’t understand how different but I want to be able to know for myself. I love Jamaican accents and I enjoy listening to Reggae music. I enjoy dancing to Reggae and learning their culture. With me being in Lincoln I learned better how diverse the world really is. It have me more open minded to different cultures and personalities.

All in all, I want to explore more about Jamaica and not just what my friends tell me. I would like to have more insight on how people live in Jamaica. I want to know about the culture and the history they have. I think it would give me a better understanding of Jamaica. Also, I want to have some real Jamaican food besides the food they have in America. Lastly, I jumped on this opportunity because I think it’ll be pretty cool learning how to shoot videos and Jamaica. From what I seen on videos it is really nice and the environment is gorgeous. Being from Chester Pennsylvania I feel like this would be amazing experience especially since I never went on a airplane anymore. I am so happy I can come home and teach my neighborhoods what I learned and how different Jamaica is from America.


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