Tuesday, October 26

Imani Jarmon

I remember when I was younger and I went to Manhattan in New York City to see the Lion King on Broadway. It was a remarkable experience, even though everywhere seemed so crowded. Growing up in Chester Pennsylvania I am used to small places. That was the very first time I got on the subway as well. 

Another trip was when my family and I went to North Carolina. We went there to visit some family members but everything was so expensive. I remember the hotel food being really good and the fact that it was pet friendly so you could see animals walking around. That was the first time I ever saw ducklings walking with their mother. I enjoyed the nature and the environment there as much as the people, because they were very friendly. I noticed they had heavy deep accents and that was quite funny to me. 

        I have also been to West Virginia because I have family reunions there too. I treasure going there because it makes me appreciate nature more: the trees and the leaves are stunning. Virginia was really southern to me and in there, I discovered my fascination for seafood, which I hadn’t tried until then. The smell of barbeque ribs, mac and cheese, fried fish, cabbage, and so on, made me gain a lot of weight but I didn’t care because I enjoyed myself. I visited the Bush Gardens too, where I learned a lot about my history, which caught my attention. They guided us to the kitchen where the light skin slaves had to do household work. Also, the dark skin females had to pick cotton and work out in the yard.  

That brings me to going to study abroad in Jamaica, where I stayed in Port Antonio, and Negril. I went to Kingston Jamaica where I learnt how small and poor the school system is. This taught me to become more humble about the things, and to be very grateful about my life. Despite their circumstances, kids didn’t stop smiling. Compared to the lack of certain types of technology in my high school, they didn’t have any. In Port Antonio, I learned to value what I have at home: I had to go for a week without my cell-phone. This really helped me to become more social towards people and to be open to learn other culture. Being away from my family made me more independent and ready to explore life on my own. Last stop was Negril, where everything was beautiful and it was a tourist attraction. There I was able to connect with people and learn Jamaican Joy. By Jamaican Joy , I mean what things they like to eat, what type of music they listen to, places to go, etc. It was an amazing trip with my peers, plus I had never flown on a airplane in my life. 

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