Wednesday, October 27

I Got the Job, But I’m Not Allowed to Work


Taylor Murphy

Many Lincoln University students have the ability to reap the benefits of work study, but are limited to the types of employment due to a university policy that denies student who have work study to be hired by any independent agent on campus (i.e. Thompson Hospitality).

Work Study is a part time employment based off of fianacial need. Usually, if a student is eligible for work study they work in offices and departments on campus, giving the student the opportunity to receive an allotted amount of money. Work study allows student to pay off outstanding balances. But that’s not the case for many at Lincoln University students.

Being qualified doesn’t always mean you get the ability to work and receive the benefits. Shannon Marshall, a senior at Lincoln University, is having that very problem. Marshall learned she was eligible for work study by reviewing her financial award letter. But instead of working in a department or office, she wanted to apply for on campus employment in hopes of earning more money to help pay off her outstanding financial balance. But work study has hindered her ability to find alternative realms of on campus employment that pay higher wages.

These opportunities are offered to on/off campus students and non-affiliates: the library, KFC, and BRB (Be Right Burger) and many others. But Marshall and students in a similar situation cannot receive the luxury of higher wages and more hours due to their work study eligibility. Lincoln University should provide information to students of what on/off campus employment opportunities are available to them specifically–because not knowing could hinder their financial coverage for the school year.

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