Wednesday, October 27

Graduation Approaching

By: Michael Howard

Four years ago you, a freshman stepped onto Lincoln University campus and dreamed of the day that you would be walking across the stage receiving your degree. In just a couple of months the seniors here at Lincoln University, will be completing their journey taking a step into the post-grad world. For some students this will be it in terms of schooling; some will get a job, some may start families and become independent in this world. However, some students may go right into graduate school looking to better themselves by obtaining their master’s degree.

This 2017 graduating class will produce a variety of different students, you have SGA members, student athletes, greek affiliated students and many more. This spring semester is going by fast and for some seniors it feels like it was just yesterday. When asked about his four years coming to an end at Lincoln senior Brendan Sherman-Johnson had this to say; “It just a dream come true, an opportunity to make my mom proud is something I enjoy to do. Just the other day I walked on campus as a freshman, excited to play baseball for the University and it has helped me to become the person I am as I continue to grow each day.”

Now for some students they do not know what is next for graduation, some will put themselves in situations that will allow for them to figure out what they want to do next. Some will take a step back and evaluate things and see where they are at, some might still be trying to figure out what they want to do and if the career they have chosen the right career path. Some of these graduates will go on into a profession that will be completely nothing like their major and that what the true purpose of graduation is, it is a stepping stone to find out what is next for us.

“There was times when I wondered is this what I really wanted to do, of course I chose my major because this is what I figure would be it for me, but when you see your friends doing well and other people and other majors accomplishing things, sometimes you start to wonder, but I’m just excited for graduation to see what’s next for me.”- Ronald Lashley

On May 12, 2017, the seniors at Lincoln University will be receiving their certificate that allows them to go off in the world to start their post-grad life. Something four years ago these students have dreamed of and in May the day will finally come. But until then finish up strong seniors.

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