Friday Feature: Interim PR Director- Eric Webb

By Ivana Whitfield
Multitasking between a phone call, sending an email and searching for dates, the new Interim Director of Public Relations and Communications has been busy since his start with the university on Sept. 10.
Eric Christopher Webb, a 1991 Lincoln University alumnus, is the new Interim Director of Public Relations and Communications.“As the President says, I am the voice of Lincoln University,” Webb clarified with a smile. His job is to ensure that Lincoln is represented correctly in the media and in the public eye.Webb explained that recent changes seen in the Public Relations field make his job more complicated than it may sound.

“Social media has had a major impact on how modern day PR communications offices work,” Webb said.

“Today, “new” is “instantaneous” in a sense, where information can be distributed quickly. Newspapers began responding to blogs, Facebook posts and Tweets,” he further explained, “but fast distribution of information also leads to incorrect and inaccurate information going out as well.”

Webb added, “We have to be able to respond to that in a number of ways that, in the past, we didn’t have to, as far as dealing with conflict and crisis communications.”

That is all a part of making sure Lincoln has a good “public face”. One of Webb’s primary focus is in redesigning and developing the university’s website.

Webb is also evaluating how the university uses social media when it comes to advancing the school as a brand.

Departments with the university have their own separate Twitter and Facebook accounts. Webb is looking at how he can connect these pieces.

“Each department has their own message but we want to make sure that it’s still emphasizing a consistent brand,” said Webb.

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