Thursday, October 28

First Male Initiative Session Held At LU

Tamia Coleman

The weekend of March 23rd to March 25th, Jonathan Harris of Residence Life hosted the first annual “Lincoln University: Male Initiative.” The purpose of this initiative was to bring African American males together from the cities surrounding our campus that are either juniors or seniors in high school. They were assigned a host that resides in the all-freshman male dorm, McRary Hall. Their weekend consisted of different activities that aimed to mold them into college students and great men that are prepared to take on the real world. The students were even given the opportunity to learn many basic but practical skills, including how to change car tires. They also dined in the cafeteria with current students of the university, attended a party hosted by “People Standing United” campus organization and even had time to bond with their assigned hosts on the campus.

Participants of the Male Initiative Event interact

The mission of the “Male Initiative” is to increase the academic, professional, and social success of Lincoln University males in order to increase retention and graduation rates. Out of the 1,500 students that are enrolled on the campus, only 500 of them are males! Harris, along with others, hopes that these young men’s next step would be to choose Lincoln University after this event. In the fall of 2017, 169 men of this institution earned the academic achievement of being on the Dean’s List, or as the male students would call it the “Who’s Who List.”

Not only have they gained recognition for their accomplishments from the university, they have gained acknowledgement for different things on social media platforms like HBCU Buzz, HBCU Pride, and HBCU Teez. The men on this campus continue to excel every day, especially through their partnerships with the 100 Black Men Philly Chapter and Universal Audenried Charter High School

Lincoln University continues to show care for their men. Located in the Student Union Building is a barbershop which operates two days a week. LU men are able to get affordable grooming and even free haircuts on their birthdays. There are also other customs like “Lincoln Man Mondays” where men dress in professional or business casual attire. All in all, the campus community certainly does a great deal to ensure that their men are literally and figuratively suited for success.

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