Tuesday, November 30

“Fearless” ’15

 BY Regan Farley

With each freshman class that enters  Lincoln University, comes the opportunity to standout.  The “fearless” Class of 2015 not only has the ability to stand out, but to also make a mark on Lincoln University for being one of the most geographically diverse group of students that the campus has seen in quite some time. 

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Walter Samuels states that the class is made up of an array of students from California to England.

“Currently we have recruited the largest population of west coast students to date. But there are also students from places such a Rome and London,”  said Samuels.

A  strong family support system is what the quaint community of Lincoln University is known for  the students and staff alike are making it their duty to see that each and every student in the class of 2015 gets adjusted.

“Lincoln University has well advanced since my freshman year. It is up to the students, staff, and faculty to reach beyond ourselves and welcome each student who joins our family with open arms,” said Len’l Russell, Mr. Lincoln University 2011-2012.

Tara O’ Brien who happens to be a London native chose Lincoln and couldn’t be any more happier with her decision.

“Everyone is very friendly and always takes the time out to make sure that I’m doing well” said O’ Brien.

O’ Brien is a member of the Women’s Soccer Team and  is still searching for the best possible major that she thinks is suitable for her.

Not only is the class’ diversity based on an international level but students have also traveled from places such as Chicago and Alaska.

Freshman Nobuko Maybin enjoys the climate difference versus that of Alaska.

“When my friends are complaining about how cold it is at night, I usually am still wearing a tank top and some shorts,” said Maybin.

Maybin who plans to major in Mass Communications is interested in all of the things that the program will offer her.

During the welcome week for the class a term was coined naming its 502 members “Fearless” and due to their ability to step out on a leap of faith it would seem that they are currently living up to their name. 

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