Thursday, October 28

Fashion Gets “Friqi”

By Regan Farley

Clothes are a simple and easy way to bring to life someone’s ability to stand out from the crowd and express themselves freely.  Sophomore Mack Kromah figured out how to create his own expressions through clothing early on in his life.

“It started from a conversation with my father, I would always tell him how I had  no clothes to wear  and he urged me to go out and make my own,” said Kromah.

From that conversation with his father “Friqi Fashions” was born.

The term “Friqi”, derives from Africa and has many diverse meanings such as the traveler.

Known for its creative and timeless pieces Friqi Fashions has generated an ample amount of buzz around the campus of Lincoln University.

“It[Friqi Fashions] is a clothing line that seems to fit me. I’m really a huge fan of the blazers the versatility and creativeness in the Friqi Fashions blazer line give me an edge but don’t take away from my own creativity when wearing them,” said Senior Raquel Still.

Friqi fashions is not only about blazers, but also sells an array of pieces such as graphic tees, tank tops, umbrellas and a laundry list of other items.

Not only does the Philadelphia native have his hand in the fashion world but he has also decided to dabble in the world of hip-hop.

The same innovative personality that Kromah brings to his fashion line he also brings to his rap verses.

Kromah’s poetic style and sense of street smarts allow him to create harmonic melodies of inspiration while encouraging his audience to reach their dreams.

For more information on Friqi Fashions  or to hear the hottest verses visit their twitter page @Friqifashions.


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