By Timothy Alston

The Lincolnian


For a lot of students and their families, the holiday traditions of turkey on Thanksgiving and gifts on Christmas arent complete without one more experience: watching sports.

“My family always watches sports during the holiday,” says senior Roy Burke. “It’s nice to have friendly competition while we’re also enjoying spending time together.”

Many families don’t consider the holidays being the holidays without sports. Whether it’s at home or out on the town, many people make it a priority to be near a TV during the holidays.

The idea of watching sports isn’t so much to be able to boast about winners and losers. However, it is simply something else to add to the list of things family members can share in common. It’s even a way to bond with people who aren’t family.

“I like going to sports restaurants just to mingle with people,” says freshman Elijah Freeman. “Just being in the spirit of giving, I feel like giving my time to listen to people who have stories to tell is great.”

Of course, italso important to focus on the things that really matter, students say.

“On Christmas, my father seems to only be focused on whatever game is on that day,” says senior Krystal Fluellen.

“I have to remind him that it’s Christmas and to focus on us,” she jokes.

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