Wednesday, October 27

Fabolous Headlining Spring Fling Concert

It has been confirmed that Grammy nominated artist, Fabolous, will be the mainstream performer for Lincoln University’s annual Spring Fling concert.

From the reduce prices to the location of the concert, the campus is excited for Spring Fling and the positive atmosphere it may bring. Instead of students complaining about the campus lacking “The College Feeling”, they are preparing themselves for a week of enjoyable festivities.

This year will be the first time that the annual spring fling concert will be relocated from the Manuel Rivera Gymnasium to the Bottom of the “U”.

The Annual Spring Fling Concert will be held on Saturday, April 5th.
By the concert being held outdoors means Public safety will be following a strict policy.
Diamond Scott, sophomore, mentioned that “Everyone would have to be under control as far conducting themselves properly and making sure that they do not get themselves in trouble.”

The campus is steadily talking about the epic changes for this year’s Spring Fling.
Lowell Howard, Vice President of External Affairs, had great insight in advancing the legacy for Lincoln University in ways that has never been done before.

“As students, we know how to have fun, but due to funding we need to do more activities that will bring unity amongst us all.”

People have different perceptions of the entire spring break festivities. The main thing is that the campus is in for a great time once everything starts falling in place.

Tanesha Hicks, senior psychology major, made a valid point by comparing homecoming to the spring fling.
“The reason why homecoming is more expensive than spring fling is the events that are being taken place during the week. During spring fling, the parties are over 2 hours earlier, which means less money equals less time.”
Spring Fling begins March 31st with the Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln University Pageant beginning at 7pm in the International Cultural Center.

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