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As students we always like to say “our voices aren’t heard” or “our opinions don’t matter”. However what if that’s not the case. What if there actually was a way but yet often seems to go unnoticed?

A printed publication consisting of folded unstapled sheets containing news, articles, advertisements and correspondence, or in other words, the newspaper is something that students would never give the time of day. I believe students don’t pay much attention to the student newspapers because they don’t know the importance/value of the paper. Student newspapers often become unsuccessful because budget cuts/funding and even the lack of students reading it. In today’s world many students prefer to read something off of an app on their phone rather than actually reading a psychical copy.

From the student newspapers students are able to get involved, learn about things that are happening on and off campus, discover your interest, voice their opinions and many other things. The student newspaper should be treated just like a workplace. Students are able to interview, research and write articles on many different subjects. While working for the paper, students are able to learn values and ethics and accountability.

On our campus we have our own student newspaper. The first student newspaper on campus was published on November 1, 1925. The original name was the Lincoln News. It was created during the years that the students of Lincoln felt the dire necessity of an instrument for literary expression. It was designed to acquaint the public with Lincoln University and all of its many departments. In 1933 the name was changed to The Lincolnian. The first copy of The Lincolnian was published on Friday, October 20 1933. The Lincolnian was the printed news source for the students by the students. Its focus was  sports, campus news/announcements, student life and most importantly LINCOLN PRIDE. The Lincolnian stood as the student newspaper for nearly 70 years. On Saturday, March 1, 2003 the campus of Lincoln University saw the last printed issue of The Lincolnian. Time began to change and so did our fellow orange and blue leaders of the paper at the time. The Lincolnian was no longer the news source that you might’ve been able to pick up at the student union building. Instead they took it to something that our generation can benefit from. They changed the dynamics of the student newspaper on campus, as well as inspiring the legacy of the first. The Lincolnian went from print to digital. The Lincolnian online student newspaper was created to allow students to raise awareness to inform the community and most importantly voice their concerns and opinions.

While The Lincolnian is still transforming for the better as time goes on, many of the topics that this online paper focuses on is; politics, culture, entertainment, sports, campus and community — hoping that The Lincolnian is something that students will soon use as an outlet to get their voices heard and an outlet they would like to call home since it is up to the generation’s speed. A newspaper could be viewed as a waste of paper however it is more like a tool for many students future.

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