Tuesday, January 18

Extended library hours allow crucial finals-week study time

By Timothy Alston

The Lincolnian


The Langston Hughes Memorial Library is now open around the clock so students can study during finals week.

The library opened at 6 a.m. today and will remain open until midnight Thursday. It will then reopen at 8 a.m. Friday.

Some students were discouraged that the library was closed all day Saturday and then was only open from 6 p.m. to midnight Sunday.

“I was hoping to be able to use the full library this weekend to get the majority of the work I have done,” said freshman Olutoyin Olowookere late last week.

Other students said the closure was reasonable. By the end of the semester, the closure should not stop students from having comfortable studying accommodations because they should have been staying on top of our books.

“We have to remember the library staff have lives outside of this building,” said senior Cheyenne Simone. “And if you waited until the weekend of finals to start studying, you won’t retain much.”

A vital part of a successful finals week is staying well rested, eating healthy and spending many hours studying.

The second floor study area of the library is always open 24 hours, but there are not nearly enough computers in it to service those students who may not possess their own computers.

Another alternative work area is the computer labs in the Thurgood Marshall Living Center. Also, because many students wait until late in the day to begin studying, students can try to go earlier in the day.

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