Exit Counseling Prepares Graduating Seniors for Life After Graduation

By Alexandra Rainey


On April 8, the Office of Financial Aid at The Lincoln University held an information session called “Exit Counseling” featuring Rita Evans of the American Education Services.

“Exit Counseling“ was an information session held for seniors, informing them what they must know about loan repayment and how to remain out of debt after graduation. The session was held in three mandatory sessions for all university graduating seniors.

During the information session, Evan discussed with students how to pick the right loan repayment that would suit their finances and what loan forgiveness is versus default.

“Loan forgiveness is for students who plan to work in a public service job or in the education system,“ stated Ms. Evans. “These two options provide the student with more time to repay the loans back to whoever they borrowed money from.”

The “Exit Counseling“ is the reverse of what students attend when they first arrive at the university. “Entrance Counseling” is the information session students attend when they first arrive at Lincoln, which explains to students what loans are and what loans might be the best for them during their 4 year journey here at the institution.

The goal of each session is to encourage students to develop a relationship with Office of Financial Aid, as the office seeks to provide the financial tools for students to understand what they are eligible to receive to alleviate the cost of their college experience.

“[The Office of] Financial Aid seeks to provide financial literacy,” stated Taneen Legree, financial counselor in the Office of Financial Aid. “We want students need to be prepared when repayment comes.”

Some students at the university find the information sessions to be helpful when it comes to preparing for college and lift after graduation.

“The session was very informational and helped me to not worry as much about how I am going to repay my loans back after graduation,” said Shannon Spaulding, a graduating senior.

For more information about loans, or the exit counseling go to www.lincoln.edu/financialaid or call the Office of Financial Aid at ext. 7562.

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