Everyone loves Instagram

By Ashley N. Williams      From late 2011 until now, iPhone users have been downloading the picture-friendly application called Instagram which was initially released in October 2010. Apple refers to it as “fast beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone.” Similar to Twitter and Facebook, users can befriend other users. The application allows people to take a plethora of pictures of just about anything. You can edit them, add notes, receive comments and likes, and make it visible to any other Instagram users of choice. Not only can you use it for your iPhone, it is available on other Apple products such as the iPod and the iPad. You can also post photos on other social networks via Instagram.

While some people enjoy looking at everyone else’s pictures, Jasmine Lawrence of Morristown, NJ prefers to look at her own flicks.

“Instagram is fun. It’s just another social network, but I just like to look at myself on there,” Lawrence said.

Another Instagram user, Ashley Storey of Piscataway, NJ too had her thoughts on the app.

“People do the same thing on Twitter as they do on Instagram, except it’s just pictures,” she said.

Celebrities also take pictures and share them with their fans. It gives people a chance to feel a little more personally connected with their favorite icons. However, there are people that have other opinions on this vibrant app. With all of the editing that Instagram allows users to do, people seem to think that not everything looks as it appears in these photos.

“It makes [unattractive] people look nice. That actually makes it even more entertaining,” said Storey jokingly.

Regardless of what people may think about the app, it’s contagious. You can’t help but to get sucked in by the expressions of art by your Instagram followers. Just about every iPhone user has it installed in their phone and millions of members are rolling in each day. If you don’t have Instagram, get it now.


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