Destiny Williams

Hello, My name is Destiny Williams, I am a freshman here at Lincoln University, pursuing a degree in Mass Communications and Business Management and here is my travel biography.

To begin, I would like to call myself an inexperienced traveler. The idea of traveling to different places excites me. However, I am yet to travel outside of the country or to many other regions of the country besides the south. So far, I have explored Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Although I have only traveled to these locations so far, I plan to explore more of the world and to become more culturally diverse in the years to come.  I have goals set to travel to New York, California, Puerto Rico, Dubai, France, London, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. I am incredibly excited because I can now cross Jamaica off my countries to explore.

I look forward to studying abroad in Jamaica with the Mass Communications department, because opportunities as such are usually directed towards upperclassmen. I am even more delighted because I will be able to take all the skills I have acquired in class and lead my own production. This traveling experience would also help me to become more culturally diverse.

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