Daijah Milton


I am Daijah Milton, a 20 year old student at Lincoln University. Growing up, I was fortunate to go on a family vacation every summer. My family and I would like to go on trips that had a lot of activities and entertainment such as cruises or amusement parks. We never went anywhere tropical or to a typically romantic setting because my parents though it would have been boring for us kids. However, I always dreamed about going to a place like Jamaica because where I’m from in Queens, New York, you will find a lot of Jamaican culture.  So much so, there is even a Jamaica Avenue.  As a little girl, I would there after school and get on a dollar van to get home, not knowing that this form of transportation was brought to Queens from Jamaica. Also, in my hometown there is a Jamaican restaurant on every corner. My favorite dish is jerk chicken, cabbage and rice with oxtail gravy on top. I am excited to go to Jamaica, so I can compare it to the culture that was brought to New York.

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