Tuesday, October 26

Daijah Milton

      My name is Daijah Milton. I am majoring in Mass Communication on a digital track. As a result, traveling is part of my life goals. As a young girl, I traveled with my family during the summer to Georgia for family reunions, took multiple cruises to the Bahamas and Aruba. I started traveling alone until I was 18 years old. The places I’ve been without my parents are Las Vegas, to celebrate my 19th birthday and Jamaica, for my study abroad experience with Lincoln University. There are many places I want to see and experience, such as Dubai, Spain, Paris and many more. I have already traveled to a few Caribbean islands and other states besides my hometown New York.  

    One of my favorite places is Jamaica. Jamaica has 14 parishes and I had the opportunity to visit most of them. Some are Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, and Port Antonio. Negril is where I enjoyed my time the most because I was able to walk up and down the strip, interact with locals and get good insight on their culture. The food in Jamaica was amazing, especially the jerk chicken rice and beans, also their curry goat. It was a shock to me that none of their food was processed: everything (even the goat and chicken) came from right outside their back door. Jamaica was fun and exciting and I would love to go there every summer. 

      Dubai is the number one place in the world that I’ve dreamt about traveling after college because it is known for breaking records in the Guinness World Record book. I love shopping, so Dubai Mall is one of the world’s biggest malls and the first stop of my visit. The next place I want to see is the world’s biggest aquarium, which is also in the mall. The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, is where you can go all the way to the top floor. There are some things that you need to know when traveling to Dubai, like it is the most popular and biggest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); because of this, people with different languages and religious beliefs from all over come to visit it. The religion that is the most practiced is Islam; therefore, I as a female would have to wear clothes that are not revealing because that is a form of disrespect to the Islam community. However, I would love to go on a camel ride tour in the desert covered up in head scarfs and a long flowy gown.  

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