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Have a story you think we might be interested in? Have a story you want to write for us? Have the inside scoop on an upcoming campus or community event? Or simply want to get to know our writers? Emails us! To contact student staff editors and student writers, email:

Lincolnian Staff: thelincolnian.net@gmail.com

Note: In subject please write which section you are inquiring. 

Micheal Howard Sports Manager: lincolnian.sports@gmail.com 

Anthony Parker Social Media Manager: lincolnian.socialmedia@gmail.com 

Jaden Baird Media Manager: lincolnian.media@gmail.com

Marquis Butler, Marla Carter, Marvin-Raisaun Gregg                                                 Section Editors: thelincolnian.net@gmail.com




Faculty Advisors: Nicole Webb & Nicole Files-Thompson, Ph.D.

Senior Editor: Jamila Jacob

General Manager: Sandra Glover


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Jamila Jacob

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