Wednesday, October 27

Constructing a Dream

Marvin Gregg

An Organization that was birthed from nothing but a dream…

Reconstruction is a step team as well as one of the newest additions to our student life here on campus. This is an organization led by students where males and females can come together on a collegiate level through step. Reconstruction not only encourages an outlet of expression, comfort and creativity but also fosters a positive and uplifting environment for the team and the Lincoln University community.

Typically on a HBCU campus you would only see the members of Greek organizations stepping.  Having said that, one of the purposes for Reconstruction is to give the opportunity for students who are not apart of any Greek organization an opportunity to do something that they have grown to love. It is furthermore an organization that welcomes everyone with open arms. It allows you to be yourself, create friendships/memories and most importantly help you with your academic growth.

With only being apart of the Lincoln Family for only a year, Reconstruction has already accomplished many great things and will only continue to accomplish more. They have had performances from Opening The Annual Homecoming Step Show. Placing 3rd in Ualbany Organaized Chaos “ Night Of Chaos “ Step Competition.

Reconstruction is the organization that many call “the secretive ones”. They never reveal much of what they’re up to. They love to have their audience itching for what is coming next. They practice at a secret location, so you’ll never be able to catch them outside of when they are constructing the dream. Their performances consist of Dope tricks, sick beats and of course hot steps.

Being able to sit back and watch an organization I founded grow into something more than what I envisioned is indescribable. Going into this experience blind and not having the knowledge to know that being the leader of an organization can change your life for the better. It showed me the definition of leadership and organization. It furthermore helped me professionally and socially as well as showed me things I never knew I was capable of doing.

Another reason Reconstruction was started was to allow students from different backgrounds and experiences to come to an environment where they can escape anything that they might be going through and get out all emotions for step as well as connect with individuals who they share a common interest with.

As once stated before Reconstruction is growing and will continue to grow. With its member’s uniqueness, determination, passion and love for the craft Reconstruction is on the correct path to success.

Reconstruction Step Team


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