Wednesday, October 27

Cold Weather Continues to Grip Campus

By Asia Black


Lincoln University students, faculty and staff should must continue to deal with freezing cold temperatures for the rest of the week.


Freezing weather, caused by what meteorologists have labeled the “polar vortex” will continue to grip Southern Chester County for at least through Friday.


While this morning’s temperatures will get above freezing – at 34 degrees – temperatures will dip back below freezing by this afternoon, according to


For tomorrow, freezing temperatures will dominate.  Students attending morning classes will be greeted by single digit temperatures.  The high for Tuesday will only reach  16 degrees.


The cold weather has impacted the university since it reopened earlier this month.


Snow and cold led to a closure of the university on Wednesday, January 22.


Some students were unable to arrive at school in time for the first day of classes on January 8,  as a result of weather-related flight cancellations.


“My flight was delayed over 4 times! I had to be sitting in Atlanta’s airport for six hours or so,” said Lincoln University senior, Carl Richardson.


When students did finally arrive safely, some ran into a mishap while in class or on the way to class on January 8 at about 9:30 in the morning.


Steaming hot water poured from a hallway sprinkler by the main entrance of the Ivory Nelson Center for the Sciences building. Matt Muscella, the director of the physical plant, said the mishap was related to the weather.


Students, nevertheless, dealt with the mishap, which did not result in a cancellation of classes.


“The incident didn’t really affect me other then having to rush by to avoid the scolding hot water. Besides that it was an interesting way to start the semester,” said  sophomore Aaron Bennett.


While the cold weather will continue throughout the week, there is some hope for warmer temperatures this weekend. projects that Friday’s high will hit 39 degrees.

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