Wednesday, October 27

Cleared Graduation List a Shocker

By: Rickea Cohen


With graduation slowly approaching, scheduled for May 10, 2013, seniors should be aware of all the requirements they must fill to properly be ready to walk across the stage.

Recently a list from the office of the registrar was sent to seniors to inform them if they were cleared. The list had over 150 No’s and under 100 Yes’s and students must get clearance if they expect to graduate on May 10th or even in December.

On April 10 senior salute was scheduled to help seniors know if they were cleared to receive their cap and gown. Seniors must report to the office of financial aid, the bursar’s office, the dean of their department and the office of the registrar to know if they have filled all their necessary requirements and paperwork.

An unpaid balance, fines from this year or previous unpaid fines, required community service hours not completed, proper classes not attended or even enrolled in or not being registered as a graduate can prevent a senior from being able to graduate.

For those students who are concerned if they are cleared or not cleared for graduation should contact the proper offices to gather the right information, so they can properly be ready for that big day.

To contact the office of the Bursar contact number is: (855)-287-4003

The office of the Registrar contact number is: (484) 365- 8087

The office of financial aid contact number is: (484) 365-7810/7564

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