Cirque de Danse

Onyx Dance Troupe presented Lincoln’s very first Cirque de Danse dance competition on Saturday, March 24th. Promptly at 7 p.m. in the International Cultural Center, eight teams gathered from different states and universities including our very own, to compete for a grand prize of $1000.

Kashmir Williams hosted and it was left in the hands of the four judges, Abdul “Barr” Khaliq, Ashley “Goldie” Goldman, Kimberly Nurse, and Chinyere Nnodi, to decide who would be the deserving winners.


Team One was Lincoln University’s five member male group, Geek Squad. Hidden Vanity, a duo from Delaware State University was Team Two. Team Three went by the name of Ill Matic Force, reigning from New Jersey and consisted of five males and one female, Lincoln’s marching band, Krush Groove was Team Four, Temple University’s Outta Kontrol was Team Five. P.A.N.I.C. 2000 was Team Six from Virginia State University, From New York, So Authentiq was Team Seven with four dancers, and finally Unique Movementz, straight out of Delaware was Team Eight.


Each team had a unique style of dancing and interesting forms of choreography. Throughout the show, Onyx dancers had different dance segments between group performances which kept the audience entertained. During the intermission, there was a dance battle between five audience members that gave them a chance to win $20. In addition, everyone in the crowd danced as the DJ played popular songs after each performance.

Ultimately, the judges decided that New Jersey’s Ill Matic dance group were the winners of the $1000 and they were ecstatic.

“I just want to thank Lincoln for this chance to come out here to do something positive and to end up with a great outcome,” said King, one of the members of team Ill Matic.

Students also believed that the competition was a great turn out.

“We need to do this every year. I really enjoyed myself,” Ashley Storey said.



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