Childish Gambino: The Evolution of Donald Glover

By Arenrenae Hamer

Donald Glover has came, saw, and conquered our television screens, radios and hearts as the jack of all treads in the media.

Glover was a rising comedian turned rapper, and now he’s an actor turned director.

In 2006, Glover claim to fame started when comedian Tina Fey got wind of the young comedians work and asked for writing samples.

In an interview with nydailynews, Glover describes the his impression of the meeting with Fey. “I remember thinking I was never going to hear from them again,” said Glover. “Even after meeting with Tina, I left thinking I wasn’t going to get it.”

But he did.

Thus launching his career as a screenwriter, for the next 3 years Glover worked for the NBC’s hit show 30 Rock.

In his third season writing for the show, he won his first award, the Writers Guild of America award for Best Comedy Series.

Two years after his time on 30 Rock, Glover released his first album as an independent artist, Sick Boi, under the alias Childish Gambino.

Around the same time, Glover began working with the Derrick Comedy sketch comedy team.

Glover became a recognized artist in the music industry, when Childish Gambino released the first track off of the Be Alone EP in 2011.

Fast forward through his first studio album, Camp, and into the year 2013, Donald Glover still did not take his foot off the gas pedal. He announced his second album, Because the Internet, via Twitter.

The following year, he announced his second tour, “theDEEPWEB” tour. Coming off that tour, Glover released another EP, Kauai, and then all but vanished from the music scene.

Despite his absence from music, by 2015, Because the Internet, was certified and gold and had earned him two Grammy nominations.

2016 was the biggest year for Donald Glover thus far.

In June, He was casted in the upcoming Columbia Pictures, Spider-man: Homecoming, with other big name actors like Zendaya, Michael Keaton, and Robert Downey Jr.

In Septemter, his TV show, Atlanta, premiered on FX. The show, which he directed and starred in, was nominated for two Golden Globes (both of which he won).

Two months later, in November Glover released another album titled ” Awaken, My Love!”

Glover’s fast pace career has given no indications of slowing down. Early into 2017, Glover has confirmed he will be starring in two highly anticipated movies.

Glover will play Lando Calrissian in the 2018 Hans Solo film. He is also expected to be the voice of Simba in the live-action remake of the Lion King.

In the upcoming years, we will hear a lot more from Donald Glover as his career continues to flourish through various realms of entertainment and media.

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