Wednesday, October 27

Change Starts Now

Marvin Gregg

They always say,  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

      The coordinator of Student life and Development Tiffani Brown has a plan that seeks exactly what that quote means.

 She’s a Virginia native and a North Carolina University and Florida International University Alumna.  Ms. Tiffani was pretty involved throughout her undergrad experience. Being involved on her campus was something that she enjoyed. She studied Criminal Justice as well as experienced being an RA, which she then realized wasn’t for her.  She spoke to her mentor who gave her inspiration as well as helped her discover that student’s affairs was a profession.  With now having the knowledge that student affairs is a profession she knew that student activities was the one for her due to many great experiences. She wanted to make sure 4 years were something to remember because they are detrimental.


How does being coordinator for Student life and development make you feel?

 “Its just a title however it makes me feel good. At first I was a little nervous but the office always supports each other”

She further stated…

“I’m a professional and will do whatever is required to make the office stay afloat. I love the position and genuinely care for the students well being.”

What type of Legacy do you wish to leave on Lincolns Campus?

 “ I want students to know you can work hard and play hard. Something I was always taught was to really learn about relationships. It’s okay to say hey, talk and build relationships. It’s a way to maneuver through life. You don’t get it on your own.

What are some things that you want implemented?

“A community and a collaborative environment. I want everyone to know we are here for the same goal. As well as emphasize the school spirit with a certain level of respect. It shouldn’t be addressed it should be an expectation. It’s a certain pride when riding past Lincoln… School and degree of course but your social aspect! I want to implement fun.” 

Why Lincoln University?

“I heard many great things about Lincoln from mentor and various Alum. FYU was different coming from an HBCU. The culture was different. I wanted to help out the HBCU students get ready for the real world. The things in grad school that we were learning our HBCU needed to as well… I won’t stay in a stressful environment it must be conducive and I felt a sense of relief when I interviewed with Lincoln. When I started the relationships with students and faculty it was very rewarding.” 

After sitting down and asking her a series of questions, I saw that she wasn’t just another “employee” trying to change a tradition that had already been instilled in us as Lincoln students. I understand that the rules and restrictions she has implemented will be more beneficial to the well-being of our future. She is positively utilizing using her “real world” experiences to prepare us for life after Lincoln.

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