Tuesday, October 26

Campus Sit-In

By Alana Hudson


On Sept. 28 students of the Lincoln University sat in the cafe after operation hours protesting against the administration and the athletic programs. This one day protest made it known to the rest of the local community where NBC felt the need to report it. Has the administration responded to the students out cry? As a student, I failed to see changes from the university management team. I also can blame my peers for not standing long and hard for what they believe needed to be fixed so we can have a successful college career. This act can be related to a hurt child crying behind a glass door. Where it was noticeable but not distinctive enough to make an impact at The Lincoln University.

With the timeliness of the black lives matter protesting for rights [regardless of the situation] should be taken more serious than a one day protest and thinking that would suffice. In Me, Myself, and ‘i’: Kendrick Lamar, the Politics of Respectability, and the Culture of Resistance by Timothy Welbeck he states “In endeavoring to use art to spark social change,…. as a form of resistance to cultural subjugation and systematic injustice.” This social justice action could have been more passionate about this act that took place this past week. This article is an example of how we as students should carry on the matters we stand for and it should allow us the opportunities and outlets that are offered to us to express our future concerns to Lincoln University and our local community.

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