Tuesday, November 30

Budget Cuts Felt on Campus

BY Khendall Beale

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY–Pennsylvania state representatives voted in favor of a 19 percent State budget cut, July 1st 2011 that has the potential of devastating many departments at Lincoln University.

Last semester, students rallied and lobbied at the Harrisburg Capitol, in attempt to deter State Representatives from voting in favor of the budget cuts, which were proposed for a 50 percent decrease, at that time.

A 19 percent cut of Lincoln University’s appropriations budget means a decrease of over two million dollars of the 13.6 million dollar budget, used for various departments throughout campus.

Although the annual budget for the upcoming academic year has not yet been determined by the University, students are noticing major cutbacks, particularly the lack thereof faculty members.

Monica McNeil, a junior and a resident advisor, stated that there are administrators and faculty members on campus who serve too many roles and because of so, students will be disadvantaged this year.

“There is no way that an administrator would be able to give their full attention as a student advisor,” McNeil said. “One person can’t do everything.”

Whether it’s the cancellation of courses, or decreases in student work aid, senior Kyle Goggins, feels as if it’s the University’s responsibility to communicate with the students, beyond matters of campus construction.

“Students would be able to better prepare, had they been aware about the internal changes, that would have an effect on them this year,” Goggins stated.

Neither students nor faculty members know the extent of how departments will suffer once the actual budget is decided for this year, however, if student and faculty resources are already limited, one can only imagine what’s in store in the near future.

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